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ZymoPURE-Express™ Plasmid Midiprep Kit
가장 빠른 Plasmid Midiprep kit을 찾으신다면 본 제품이 적합합니다.
E.Coli Plellet 원심분리 없이 Culture에서 바로 Lysis!

• Innovative pellet-free procedure bypasses the standard cell-pelleting and
resuspension steps. No large-scale centrifugation required!
• The fastest, easiest, most reliable method for purification of up to 1.2 mg of ultrapure
endotoxin-free plasmid DNA.
• Plasmid DNA is eluted directly from a microcentrifuge column and is well-suited for
transfection and other sensitive applications.
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CAT.No 품명 규격 비고
D4213 ZymoPURE-Express™ Plasmid Midiprep Kit 25 preps. Format: Spin-Column, Vacuum Manifold, or Centrifugation Sample Volume: 25 ml Processing Time: 15 minutes Elution Volume: ≥ 200 μl DNA Yield: ≤ 1.2 mg DNA Size Limits: ≤ 25 kb