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RapidWash Microplate Washer
RapidWash™ 은 ELISA 나 cellular assay 을 위한 high throughput 마이크로플레이트 washer 입니다.
96 well 이나 384 well 을 사용가능하며, 가장 작은 사이즈의 자동화된 washer 입니다. 모든 자동화 장비에 연계가 가능하며, 모든 자동화 및 대구모 플레이트 wash 에 최적의 솔루션입니다.
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Use the Rapidwash as a stand alone microplate washer or integrate it into Hudson designed workstations.  A software API is available for integration into other schedulers or automation platforms. Combine the RapidWash with an automated pipettor, reagent dispenser, robotic arm and microplate stacks for hours of hands off processing or build a single purpose lab workstation like below. 

Microplate stackers, microplate washers, reagent dispensers.

Microplate Coating Workstation: 2 StackLinx, a RapidWash Microplate Washer and a Micro10X Reagent Dispenser.

Overview of the Hudson Robotics RapidWash.

Close-up view of the RapidWash in action.

This video shows the RapidWash integrated with our LabLinx microplate conveyor system.


Applications include:

  • ELISA (Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay)
  • FIA (Fluorescent Immuno Assay)
  • LIA (Luminescent Immuno Assay)
  • Cytotoxicity Assays
  • Agglutination Assays

The RapidWash microplate washer offers performance that serious researchers with demanding needs will value:

  • Works with both low profile and deep well microplates
  • High speed: less than 9 sec. 96-well fill/aspirate cycle
  • Low residual volume: <2uL per well
  • Programmable dispensing and aspiration rates
  • Programmable nozzle insertion/exit rates
  • Programmable residual volumes, with easy setup
  • High precision: <1% @ 100uL per well, plate-to-plate
  • Up to 2 wash buffer sources, automatically selectable
  • Easy software integration with other instruments
  • Open API for integration using 3rd party software


CAT.No 품명 규격 비고
520001 RapidWash™ High Speed Plate Washer