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Strep-Spin Protein Miniprep Kit
Fast (11 min) protocol to purify Strep-tagged proteins from cell-free extracts

Easy way to prepare pure protein for small-scale studies

No special instrumentation needed other than a benchtop microcentrifuge
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The Strep-Spin Protein Miniprep Kit is based on a novel Strep-Tactin® XT Superflow® resin which binds to Twin-Strep-tag® with very high affinity. This tag contains two Strep-tag® II peptides connected via a Glycine/Serine linker sequence. Hence this kit is optimized for the purification of Twin-Step®-tagged proteins; however it will also work efficiently for proteins with single Strep-tags. 



CAT.No 품명 규격 비고
P2004 Strep-Spin Protein Miniprep Kit 10preps
P2005 Strep-Spin Protein Miniprep Kit 50preps